Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Challenge

So, here is my entry to another stamping Challenge. This one was a "Color Challenge" in which we were given a color scheme to follow.

In this case, we needed to use Black, White and any ONE other color (I chose Apricot). Any stamps, any layout, but only those 2 colors plus one of our choice.

This one was not as easy for me. I'm one for adding lots of little "pops" of color, but this was a great way to have to change my way of thinking and not look at it as "limiting" but get myself to still be creative with what I had to work with.

I'm Creatively "Challenged"!

Recently, a Stamping Superstar up in my line of Uplines, began posting "Challenges" to we Downline members as a way to inspire us to generate new ideas and to help get our creative juices flowing.

I LOVE this Challenge idea!! It was a great kick-in-the-head inspiration and I could not wait to get started. This first one was a "Sketch Challenge" in which we were given a basic layout we had to follow. We could choose any stamps, any colors, but we had to follow the layout design.

Obviously, the layout we were given was the horizontal card with a wide background stripe and the 3 rectangles across. This is the card I came up with, but I sure do love seeing everyone else's and getting SO many great ideas!

I think I can, I think I can...

Hello from our new place in teeny-tiny little Dolphin, Virginia! Just take a right into the driveway here at our cute new mailbox that my hubby built, and you're here. Come on in, I've finally finished unpacking my stamping stuff and I'm dying to get down to business :)

Okay, I made a vain attempt at this "Blogging" thing several months ago, and then, BAM!, off we went moving from state-to-state and I was off line, in transition and completely out of touch. In other words, the whole idea got put on extended hold and I seemed to just fall off the planet...

Well, I'm getting back in the loop, and I see that everyone who's anyone has a blog. So here I am ready to start over and see if I can keep it going this time. (My secret, ulterior motive is that this will give me an excuse to put down my paint roller and stamp! shhhh...don't tell my hubby and kids I'm taking breaks from remodeling this ol' house!)

But so many of my sister-stampers have such great blogs displaying such AMAZING work, it is impossible not to get inspired to get in the game! And I hope that I can not only have an outlet for my inspiration, but maybe pass it on, as well. I'm only a beginner, and TOTALLY cheating by using one of these pre-made, click-and-go blog things, but I hope as I get the hang of it, I can aspire to bloggish greatness...or maybe just learn how to use this computer!

So, thanks for stopping by, please visit again and often for projects, ideas, the latest news from "down south" (ugh!), and sharing.

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