Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday to My Mighty Quinn!

Wow!! I can hardly believe it, but today Quinn turns 10 years old!

I keep telling my boys that they are not allowed to keep growing up - a part of me wants to keep them little forever! But at the same time, I am so proud and happy every day of the wonderful young man Quinn is becoming.

He is one cool kid - SO smart, great sense of humor, thoughtful and caring, not to mention he is always the first one to offer his help whenever he can...I am one blessed and lucky mom!

I wanted to make Quinn a birthday card that had a little of "him" in it - he has one MAJOR sweet tooth and an appetite to match, so he got the super-sized sundae. He also loves what he calls "feely" cards, in other words he loves to run his fingers over anything I emboss or that has Crystal Effects. So he got both, lots of shiny "feely" stuff for his special day.


Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Quinn!!!!!! If I were there, I would add some brownies or cake to the birthday banquet. I hope year 10 is fabulous!

Avril Miller said...

OMG! I could just eat that card! Not only is it absolutely adorable BUT soooooooooooo yummy lookin' too!

What a fabulous picture of your BDay boy! He definitely looks like a great 10 yr. old!

Miss you Tara!


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