Monday, September 22, 2008

The Same? Or Different? Or BOTH??

At first glance, the rich colors and elegant images in the card on the left seem to have nothing at all in common with the bright and juvenile boldness of the card on the right.
If we take a closer look, we see it's really the same card, done 2 different ways.
The layout of the cards, or what we'll call the "sketch" is exactly the same. Each card uses a background made up of panels cut the same size and shape, plus a rectangular image panel that is overlaid on the front. And obviously, the card can be used either horizontally or vertically, thus adding even more variety.
This is a great illustration of how one layout can be so versatile. You could do the same card using different stamps, papers, accessories, and changing the directionality, and it would look new and different each time.

1 comment:

Mari said...

I love what you did with these! I have to say that the 'Bon Jour' was my fave..., but I really like those colors together. Very lovely!


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